Cuadro Fixie Leader 721
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Cadre Fixie Leader 721

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With a geometry geared towards urban riding the 721 is built for the working man rider. High grade round tubed aluminum make the 721 lightweight and functional, perfect for the urban commuter looking for a clean and good looking bike. The new frame features tighter geometry, wear resistant paint and lighter double-butte tubing.

Features: Tapered headtube: Uses 1.5” diameter lower stack and 1-1/8” diameter upper stack. Better handling, more stiffness, and keeps up with new market standards.

Track geometry: Uses track geo based on NJS frames with new shortened top tube for a easier riding position and a smoother street ride.

Pure Horizontal design: Better look of aggressiveness with top tube horizontal to the ground. Previous 721 frames had not been horizontal in some sizes but now all sizes have this upgrade even the small.

Integrated head logo: New headtube mold, that gives the headbadge an embossed look and feel. The new headbages will also be color matched to every color frame.

7layered hight quality water painting: A paint designed to last. With street riding, you never know what your frame will endure. This paint will help prevent any chips and scratches to the frame.

Ultimated double butte tubing: To be lighter tubing is made thinner, and to be stronger certain areas to the tubing are reinforced with more alloy.

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